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Full Circle

Working collaboratively for the first time, studio member Oliver Ventress and London-based performer Zara Sands present an exhibition responding to lunar rhythms, cyclical structures of time and space and the effects of this on the human body. The installation includes a durational performance by Sands, sound piece, projection and live feed video, alongside new visual work from Ventress. 

10th - 14th January 2024

Zara Sands and Oliver Ventress

Behaviours and physiology in many living, terrestrial beings appear to respond to the lunar cycle, or have a synchrony with moonlight. The moon and its phases have long been relied upon to gauge the passage of time and direction. To this date, scientific research has found no correlation between lunation and human biology, and it is thought that widespread and persistent beliefs about the influence of the moon may depend on illusory correlation – the perception of an association that does not in fact exist. The moon is a symbol for a constant: an unchanging present. We are left uncertain whether the mind and body gives it power, or whether it holds a power over us.



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