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General Practice, Lincoln

An exhibition of 45 contemporary artists' work made during lockdown  

8th July - 23rd August 2020 


DANCE FIRST THINK LATER, an exhibition of artist’s work made during lockdown and available to see in the flesh at @generalpractice project space between 8th July and 23rd August by appointment. 


DANCE FIRST THINK LATER is showcasing work by 45 contemporary artists made during 15 weeks of lockdown. 


We have been so heartened by the way artists have responded to this period, forever resourceful, developing new ways of working with limited means, adapting their practices and sharing their process of making and thinking.


Our ethos is to support artists and many of the works will be for sale through @artistsupportpledge #artistsupportpledge. We do not take any commission and all money goes directly to the artists. If you are interested in buying something we can put you in touch with them.




DANCE FIRST THINK LATER  @generalpractice Lincoln from the 8th July until 23rd August 2020. 


ESTRAGON: I’d rather he’d dance, it’d be more fun.

POZZO: Not necessarily.

EXTRAGON: Wouldn’t it, Didi, be more fun?

VLADIMIR: I’d like well to hear him think.

ESTRAGON: Perhaps he could dance first and think afterwards, if it isn’t too much to ask him

VLADIMIR [to Pozzo]: Would that be possible?

POZZO: By all means, nothing simpler. It’s the natural order. [He laughs briefly.]


Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot

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