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Case of Curio

20 August 2015

X-Church, Gainsborough


An extension of Curio the Case of Curio is a mobile exhibition based on the theme of 19th century cabinets of curiosities, using interesting aesthetics of cases as vehicle to house new works. At the heart of all Curio projects is accessibility, and in light of this Curio invites artists to explore the subject of curiosity, and to explore how the notion of curiosity can be interpreted, in a form that is able to exist in a traditional and non-traditional exhibition environments.


> Amy Hewitt

> Kate Buckley (KAC)

> Ross Oliver

> G Â S T

> Ellen Brady

> Fiona Parkinson

> Amir Ghazi-Noory

> James Richardson

> Dawn Richmond-Gordon

> Rob Britt

> Nicholas Simpson

> Alec Shepley

> Felicity Shum

> Elizabeth Wright


> John Stocker

> Ian Manicom

> Steven Drew

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