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Re-Imaged: Nick Simpson 

General Practice, Lincoln 

14 August - 21 September 2022

The residency was a six-week series of experiments, live events, collaborations, and a changing core exhibition that took place from August 14th to September 21st in the General Practice Project Space.

During the residency, artists explored a range of art forms, including collage, light, landscape, sound, projection, installation, and sculpture. The aim was to start conversations and connect artists who shared similar threads of making.

Throughout the six-week period, the core exhibition was constantly changing, creating an ever-evolving space for experimentation and collaboration. Live events were also held to showcase the works created during the residency, providing a platform for artists to share their ideas and connect with audiences.

Overall, the residency represented a unique opportunity for artists to come together, share their ideas, and collaborate on new and exciting projects. By exploring a range of different art forms, new conversations and connections were sparked that continued long after the residency had ended.

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