Chaff Bagging Hoppers (invisible Cities)  Lincoln summer Summer school

The aim of the week, was to explore new art. New ways of thinking and working, new ways to use skills, opportunities to learn new skills such as photography and sound. But most of all to explore looking at the everyday in more detail. Magnifying what we see, to find new ways to communicate the world around us., Textures, shapes, sounds, and colours.


The facilitators enabled this process, providing participants the opportunity to look closer and examine works (visual data, sound, photography) to create a new locations – in essence what was an invisible city before that day. the essence of locations. Each day produced three tiers of work

With a exhibit at the end of the week and a talk by Jezz Riley French.


Duration: 1-5 days


Age: 14-23


Learning: alternative field recording, Photography, curation,Drawing and Rubbings.


Outcomes: Curated show of students material at the courtyard gallery Collection.