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[General Practice] is an artist collective living and working from Lincoln, UK. 


Promoting exchange with wider artist led initiatives nationally and internationally [gP] seeks to stimulate a critical discourse, and sustain an engaged visual arts culture in the city through the programming of exhibitions, events and workshops.

With an emphasis on a fluid and experimental approach, [gP] encourages a diverse range of artistic practices that are developed collectively. Within the core group of 8 artists there are on-going collaborations with more specific interests such as Curio, Mulch, Angry Gang, GAST, Reel and KAC which extend into the wider artistic community, incorporating contributions from practitioners in other locales. This collaborative ethos is  demonstrated through a workshop practice too; continuing to encourage collective exploration of creative subjects, blurring the line between facilitators and practitioners.

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Find us at:

General Practice Studios

Top Floor, 25 Clasketgate



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