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A solo show by Oliver Ventress.

Private View: Friday 21st June 2024 6pm (all welcome)

Free, refreshments provided

Exhibition open by appointment until 6th July - please get in touch if you wish to see the show.

Landing theorises a top-down view of what extraterrestrial visitors might encounter as they descend onto the Earth. We do not know what will exist when they do arrive – there might not be any people left, our present day architectural structures could be long gone. Within this work, it is imagined that monuments and structures that existed pre 1BC will remain as part of the Earth’s landscape.

The sculptural landscape which forms the central point of the installation references the Arbor Low monument in Derbyshire. The site is estimated to be 4000 years old and there are multiple theories as to why it was created. It appears to have been built to be viewed from above, implying that it was perhaps not made for humans at all. With so many unknowns as to the sensory abilities of extraterrestrial visitors, it is perhaps our physical landscape that will become our language - our common ground.

The installation consists of a landscape sculpture and a live feed of the extraterrestrial vision, which is displayed on a CRT Monitor. The monitor, manufactured in 1996, is the same age as the artist.

The exhibition also encompasses a preview of a new film produced by the artist in 2024 on VHS, titled Landing: The Extraterrestrial Experience of Earth.

Oliver Ventress is a video and installation artist who has a primary concern with the idea of Being as a Medium; evidential documentary footage and romantic pursuits to capture isolated natural landscape and existence on tape. Previous works have included a series of attempts to make contact with aliens, the formation of a UFO spotting network, a para-terrestrial seance and the documented seeking of a sea monster.

Instagram: @oliverventress

Join Obscene Pomegranate for the launch of their second issue, with an exhibition showcase held at General Practice Studios.

Featuring work by Emily Collyer ( @hairypitsntits ), Luna Rosson ( @snot.grrrl ), Will Thompson ( @willrene_artist ) and Mel Phelan-Clark ( @melodyphelanclark )

Private Viewing: Friday 31st May 2024

Exhibition open: 1st - 9th June (11am-4pm)

All welcome!

Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley

General Practice, Lincoln

26th April – 18th May 2024


Marking Time is an exhibition by two artists – Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley- who both have a studio at General Practice. The artworks on show all represent a record of the passing of time, a simultaneous making and marking of time. Both artists use repetitive processes, materials and mark-making to ‘just be’. The artworks represent a contradictory space of denial of and coping with global and personal distresses, difficulties and traumas. For the artists they represent artworks that do not quite fit with their larger practices, but were things that needed to be done, as Buckley says “what does one do when the old ways of doing don’t make sense anymore?!“ Together, they represent a non-verbal dialogue that is not about articulating ‘something’ but rather about ‘being-with’ each other and ‘not-knowing-yet,’ as part of a journey that goes on till it stops, without a planned destination.


Kate Buckley is showing (k)not about any thing, a series of five flax and cotton yarn crochet sculptures made over the space of five years. She describes the work as: “making without too much activity, without much material, without the need to look for anything new, making without need of a special place for making, making without being busy with ideas, making without need to show or explain anything, making without any intention other than one little loop followed by another, on repeat, like the ticking of the clock, round and round… pliable becoming rigid, solid yet full of holes… growing so very slowly, tightly looping round in my hands whilst something else is unravelling.”


Andrew Bracey has three different works in the show. Over twenty five years he has been making Palette from the left over paint that do not make it onto his actual paintings. Somewhat perversely, it has become the best painting he has made. The other two pieces are works that have developed from Bracey contracting Long COVID that hugely affected his ability to make (or do) anything. Following his doctor's advice, he started to draw for five minutes each day, which soon developed into a system for tracking time. “When I started, the five minutes exhausted me, as of today I barely think of it, becoming something else to fit into daily life; some days I do not manage it, or more likely forget to do it. I am glad I still do it, it is now important to remember what was. A big part of Long COVID is about managing energy. Even now I need to plan my days.”


Artist talk with Kerry Langsdale: Saturday 18th May, 2-3:30pm

Artists Andrew Bracey and Kate Buckley will briefly talk about their work in the show and its relation to time, and philosopher Kerry Langdale will introduce the philosophy of time, research into folk concepts of time, and her interdisciplinary work on The Art of Time Project. This will be followed by a conversation between the three, with plenty of opportunities for questions at the end.


Kerry Langsdale has recently completed a PhD specialising in the philosophy of time. In 2022 she developed The Art of Time Project, which explores the philosophy of time through the lens of contemporary art. Her practice now lies at the intersection of philosophy and contemporary art, culminating in an ongoing series of artworks and projects that invite viewers to contemplate the nature of time. Grounded in her academic research, Langsdale's artistic projects serve as accessible portals to complex temporal ideas.


Artist’s workshop: Saturday 4th May, 2:4pm

Kate and Andrew will share their processes in an afternoon workshop at General Practice. Participants will have the opportunity to making their own pieces and there will be opportunity for informal conversation in response to the exhibition. The workshop is free, but donations towards General Practice are most welcome.



Exhibition Title: Marking Time

Where: General Practice, 25 Clasketgate, Lincoln, LN2 1JJ

When: 26th April – 18th May 2024, open Friday 3, 10, 17th May 12-4pm and Saturdays 4th and 18thMay 12-4pm

Private View: 26th April 6-9 pm

Artist talk: 18th May 2-3:30pm

Artist’s workshop: 4th May 2:4pm

Everything is free

Please note General Practice is on the top floor and is only accessed by stairs.

Contact: for further information please contact Andrew on


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