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Impending: Oliver Ventress and Corrupt Vision 

General Practice, Lincoln 


An experimental duo show from resident artists Oliver Ventress and Corrupt Vision. Collaborating over a 6 week period, the artists discovered common themes of post-human existentialism and the crisis of technological advancements.


Corrupt Vision - Error; Connection Disrupted (2022, Installation of Print, Screen, Sculpture, Spoken Word and Sound)

Our collective obsession and reliance on digital technologies is reaching a critical threshold, one which is destabilising our social, political and ecological status quo. Error; Connection Disrupted challenges our current relationship with these digital technologies, the way we use them and how they un- doubtedly use us. This is revealed via a mixture of glitched medias and ready-made sculpture utilising aspects of digital consumption as a back drop to a spoken word performance calling on a The glitch you see in yourself is the glitch you can execute on our world, and our future.


Oliver Ventress - Everything Has Turned to Dust (2022, Installation of Sculpted Terrain, Projection, Sound) When extraterrestrial life reaches Earth, this being in a few months, years, or centuries from now, all we can be certain of is that there will be surface below and sky above. This terrain may be worn, beaten and warped from how we know it today. Whatever senses the extraterrestrial beings may have, whatever scale they may be, they will experience our landscape as ground and sky. In this future, everything has turned to dust. There are no objects which remain, and all that once existed has deteriorated and broken down into grains of matter. As an installation, the terrain takes inspiration from the post-apocalyptic Zone of Tarcovsky’s Stalker, and a soundscape dips between abandoned brown noise and cuts of empty silence.

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