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General Practice, Lincoln.

9th - 31st October 2020

Andrew Bracey, Kate Buckley, Nick Simpson


Three artists made new artworks in lockdown in their temporary studio spaces at home. They tried out new things, limitations became gifts and new ideas were tested straight away. They met up on Zoom, WhatsApp and Instagram, they got excited about what each other was up to. They got excited about what other artists were making. They put together a show of 45 artists at General Practice - Dance First Think Later.


Now they are back in their studios and ready to share what they have done. Each artist is showing one work only in the gallery space at General Practice, which may change during the length of the show. Visitors are also able to view other work made in lockdown and speak with the three artists about their practices in their studio spaces next to the gallery every Sunday that the show is open. This allows the viewer to get access to the thought processes of what gets chosen for a show and what gets left out, an ongoing conundrum for artists of ‘when is a work finished?’


General Practice is an experimental project space in Lincoln, driven by collaborative activity and artist exchange. The three artists often talk about how grateful they are to have this space and to have the artists who occupy it around. ///corner.proof.riders is the 'What 3 words' location for General Practice. This is a random word generator to help locate each 3 metre square grid anywhere in the world.


Exhibition details;


General Practice,

25 Clasketgate,

Lincoln, LN2 1JJ


Dates - 9th - 31st October 2020

Viewing by appointment. Sundays are recomended as all 3 artists in the show.

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