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The artists invite you to join them in the gallery space to mark the end of their residency at General Practice. Blubber is a week long artists' residency, exploring ideas arising from the phenomenon 'Whale Fall', and how we may find potential in decay; particularly in relation to the current bleakness of the political and environmental landscape we find ourselves in. Work produced during Blubber will be viewable at the closing event on Sunday 12th March, where conversation and drinks will also be provided.

Featuring work by:​

Karolina Dworska

Based in London, Karolina's multi-disciplinary practice focuses on the feeling of the awkward in-between, fantasy spaces as well as dreamscapes, in which things are not quite right, undefined and uncomfortable, explored through a variety of sculptural and textile mediums. Her current focus is on playful experimentation with rug tufting and investigating its broad sculptural potential, while grappling with the aforementioned subject matter.

Andia Coral Newton

A contemporary artist working across drawing, textiles and installation, Andia's work dwells on the place of human beings in the ecology of planet Earth, the alternative intelligence of sea-creatures, and how we perceive history through images. Hermit crabs, spacecraft and celestial phenomena are all motifs commonly occurring in her work, alluding to a fixation on survival in the face of terrible, awe-striking environmental forces.

Andy Williams

Using sculpture and mosaic with an emphasis on the sensory experience of repetition and general aversion to image-creation, Andy's work often materialises in obsessively constructed monochromatic ceramic forms that suggest (but ultimately deny) domestic functionality through banal acts of their own distortion or destruction. The work references the often farcical nature of historic acts of iconoclastic vandalism, as well as the archeological methods with which they have been exposed. It is in this sense that the use of mosaic presents a framework with which to consider contemporary object-making (and breaking) as well as an outlet for broader sculptural and material exploration.


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