PREVIEW 30/04/2014 18:00
30/ 04/ 2014 - 09/05/2014
AAD East building
University of Lincoln
New works by artists Thomas Cuthbertson and Nathan Baxter will be exhibited at projectspaceplus alongside fellow residents, Joshua Lockwood and Adrian Shaw, as a culmination of the AA2A programme at University of Lincoln.

Thomas Cuthbertson will debut a new stop-motion film, 'Acquiesce'. The story follows a cosmonaut’s return to Earth, where life has perished under constant daylight. His quest for survival leads him away from his space vessel, into the arms of darkness.

Nathan Baxter creates a live video cityscape using a toy racetrack to send trails of light into a perpetual feedback loop.

Adrian Shaw will be presenting a new series of UV photography, returning to a personal archive of family photographs, to shed new light on historical figures in his life. 

Joshua Lockwood will be opening a live video broadcast, using AA2A's website as a platform for a panel discussion on the programme itself.

To accompany the show will be the opportunity for open critique sessions with the artists about the work. 
Coinciding with the preview of this exhibition, artist and amateur cosmonaut Rob britt's attempt to pilot Curio into space.